Evaluation Board

The DP-8000 evaluation board based on Xilinx XC7Z020-2CLG400I provides features common to many embedded processing systems, including DDR3、Flash、USB、HDMI、ETH、SD、CAN、UART、JTAG 、GPIO and so on.

If you are interested in our DNNDK evaluation board (DP-8000), please contact us by sending email to dnndk@deephi.tech

DP-8000 Board Features

ZYNQ XC7Z020-2CLG400I device
1GB DDR3 component memory(two 256Mb x 16 devices)
4Gb NAND Flash memory
USB 2.0 connector
HDMI 1.3 Transmitter connector
10/100/1000 tri-mode Ethernet with RJ-45 connector
SD connector
CAN bus connector
UART connector(the board includes UART-to-USB PHY, the connector is USB2.0 connector)
JTAG connector
Clock sources(33.333MHz single-ended clock to PS,50MHz single-ended clock to PL)
DC-JACK power sockets
Power on/off switch
Eight PL used LEDs
One dual row GPIO header
Two FFC headers
Two DIP switches for boot mode selecting
Reset Pushbuttons
SRST_B PS Reset Pushbutton
POR_B PS Reset Pushbutton
Boot mode
SD Card
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