DeePhi attracts elites from top technology companies such as Baidu, 360, Wind River, HikVision, Hisilicon and Nokia. Together, we work to apply cutting-edge technologies to great products.

Hot Chips 2018: DeePhi’s latest products demo presentation

August, 2018
Hot Chips 2018, the annual industry event High Performance Chip Symposium, was held in August. As a gold sponsor, DeePhi attended the conference, not only gave a theme speech of“The Evolution of Deep Learning Accelerators Upon the Evolution of Deep Learning Algorithms”, also showed the latest independent research and development products demo.

DeePhi was invent to attend FCCM 2018 and gave a presentation of products.

May, 2018
FCCM is one of the top FPGA industry summits, attracting the world's leading FPGA experts and scholars to discuss cutting-edge technology and progress. DeePhi was invited to participate in the scene to showcase a series of independent research and development products as the Conference sponsors.

DeePhi in VALSE 2018: The latest excellent results of computer vision

April, 2018
Valse (Vision And Learning SEminar), is one of the largest academic feast in the domestic CV area. DeePhi as the leading AI entrepreneur company who focus on deep learning computing platform, not only in the conference with the vast number of industry scholars to carry out the technical exchanges, but also on-site exhibition show our latest product results and demo, attracting the attention of many young scholars.

DeePhi in FPGA 2018: DeePhi’s latest products presentation at world-class summits

February, 2018
As the most influential and historic academic conference in the field of FPGA, FPGA 2018 attracted a large number of academic representatives and famous companies. This was the third time for DeePhi to participate FPGA, following the 2017 to obtain the General Assembly's best paper, this year, taken the products directly to participate in the results display and panel introduction.

HPCA 2018: Communicate and learn with excellent technology companies at home and abroad

February, 2018
HPCA (International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture) focuses on the research of high performance computing and is the top academic conference in the related field of architecture, which has high influence all over the world. DeePhi showed the participants with the vehicle based on the Aristotle architecture of pedestrian detection PCIe accelerator card and other products.

NIPS 2017: Presentation out latest products demo

December, 2017
Once again DeePhi was invited to attend the NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) 2017 conference, the CTO, Dr. Yi Shan, demonstrated the latest product demo in the demo session. At the same time, co-founder Dr. Song Han gave a report named “Deep Gradient Compression:Reducing the Communication Bandwidth for Distributed Training” in the Workshop session.

Interns from DeePhi won Global System Design Contest First Prize

June, 2018
The 55th annual global Design Automation Conference announced the winners of the second System Design Competition group competition. In a fierce battle with 114 teams from around the world, the Tsinghua University TGIIF team, led by Professor Wang Yu, completed the race with the first prize of the competition by using DeePhi’s hardware accelerator DPU IP, full stack tool chain DNNDK and deep compression technology at the algorithm level deep compression.
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